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My Story

Life is said to be a series of choices; but what if you wake up one day and a choice has already been made for you?

Many people venture out into the world to experience things on their bucket-list as a way of escape from their everyday lives to do the extraordinary. I wanted to do the same thing until reality dawned on me that it’s not every will get the opportunity to experience things on their bucket-list.

I am Riaan Loubser, a volunteer with the Cancer Association of South Africa for Relay For Life (CANSA). It has always been easier for me to express my passion about CANSA during the Relay For Life season; but then I realised that people diagnosed with cancer do not get time off to just get away when living with this enemy. They have to face this reality day in and day out. Their fight is not seasonal, nor should my support be seasonal.

I know that I’m very fortunate to be afforded opportunities to travel and “ride the waves” of going away on holiday, enjoy their life and still be able to continue spreading awareness about the CANSA Relay For Life.

Many cancer survivors mention that they wish that they too could have taken just an hour away from the pain that they have had to endure. For some of us that hour is taken lightly. “Time flies when you’re having fun right? But not when you’re in pain…”

This is why I am starting the ONE WAVE AT A TIME- FOR RELAY campaign. Aiming at offering a new and fun way of educating others about cancer and giving survivors the chance to make a fixed footprint both on land and out on the sea.

I need you to join me on this venture on my “cruise bucket-list” journey as I unravel the world of CANSA Relay For Life, one wave at a time. We at CANSA are challenging you to donate into our GivenGain campaign so that we raise more awareness on and off the land about cancer and CANSA Relay For Life.

For every R100.00 donated I will spread the word about CANSA Relay For Life to individuals on-board the Norwegian Epic Cruise ship who are not aware of the daily fight others face. We are all affected by cancer through the diagnosis of either a family member, a dear friend or as individuals. Your contributions will not only help spread awareness and educate others; it will also ensure that research is enhanced and support is strengthened.

Help me to support CANSA Relay For Life by making the choice to be a part of this initiative. Also stay tuned as I share this exciting journey on the cruise for every target we reach. Each target met is a rudder we will use to steer the vision of CANSA to lead the fight against cancer in and around South Africa.

Riaan will depart on a 13 night transatlantic cruise from Barcelona (Spain) to Port Canaveral (USA). At the end of the ocean crossing photos and stories of the people met with whom the CANSA Relay For Life story were shared will be posted.


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