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This upcoming spring, I have the honor of running the 128th Boston Marathon as a member of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club. The Bulldogs are a running club that provides a safe community of support for those affected by addiction, including those in recovery, their families/friends, & clinical community.

Addiction and running yield opposite outcomes: where addiction creates a wake of destruction & hopelessness, running cultivates confidence, & gives purpose towards achieving a goal. However, while running a marathon & sobriety are two radically different achievements, both require the same combination of discipline, motivation, resilience & community dedicated towards empowering each other reach our greatest potential.

Your generous donation will continue to help the Boston Bulldogs empower those in our community struggling with addiction to set a new trajectory on life by discovering the kind-hearted warrior & true potential in themselves through the healing power of running!

Thank you for your support!

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Boston Bulldogs Running Club

Boston Bulldogs Running Club

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