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On April 15 2024 the 128th Boston Marathon as a team member of the Youth Enrichment Services (YES).  A Boston based organization supporting Boston’s youth through outdoor sports and experiences in the quest to build confidence and leadership skills that will help them throughout life.

At our youngest we are taught our biggest life lessons through play.  We fall hundreds of times before we can stand, thousands before we can walk. We are taught persistence is the pathway to success and failure is a frequent experience.  Somehow as we age, that mindset is lost, failure is taboo, we stop trying new things, we stop taking chances.  We become uncomfortable during new experiences, we become hyperaware of public perceptions and we loose our self-confidence.  YES encourages kids to get back to their childhood lesson basics through outdoor sports and activities. YES is committed to exposing Boston based youth to experiences they may not have encountered without YES.  Confidence is built through the struggle of learning a new skill and observing.  YES perpetuates these lessons of growth through the Leadership Corps program for teens.

As I commit to the challenge of running 26.2 miles, by far the farthest I have run in my lifetime, I need your help.  I have committed to raising $10,000 for the Youth Enrichment Services and I know with your help I can not only reach this goal but exceed it.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and your help in reaching my fundraising goals.  Hope to see you on the course!


Benefiting Charities

Youth Enrichment Services

Youth Enrichment Services

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128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

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Michelle Hediger
By Michelle Hediger
Youth Enrichment Services