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My Story

I'm honored to be running the 128th Boston Marathon to raise money for the Boston Bulldogs Running Club and I need your help.

I've been a member of the Bulldogs since 2016 having been impacted by addiction, especially that of my brother Douglas, who died by suicide after living with addiction and depression for years. This April will be the 13th anniversary of his death and I'm running to honor his memory and the memories of my Bulldog friends Sean Staunton and Joe Santangelo.

Being a Bulldog has been life changing for me: physically, mentally and emotionally. I am so appreciative for all the friends I've made as well as the greater understanding I have of addiction and myself. Multiply that by the more than 400 Bulldog members and you get a sense of the club's impact.

The Boston Bulldogs Running Club is a co-ed 501(c)3 non-profit club established to provide an anonymous and safe community of support for all those adversely affected by addiction - those in recovery, their families and friends, the clinical community and the community at large.
The Club promotes an integrated approach to wellness and self-leadership in recovery on a journey to discover the kind-hearted warrior and true potential within each of us.

Many of you supported me and the Bulldogs when I ran the Boston Marathon for the Bulldogs in 2020 (well, the virtual version in September after Covid threw the world for a loop). Thank you so much for your support then and now, I'm really looking forward to sharing Marathon Monday with you in person or through the tracking app.

Finally - please let me know if you have a loved one that you want me to honor on race day by adding their name to my race bib and carrying their spirit with me from Hopkinton to Boston.


Benefiting Charities

Boston Bulldogs Running Club

Boston Bulldogs Running Club

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The Event

128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

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Michael Goff
By Michael Goff
Boston Bulldogs Running Club