Help raise a child at LIV Village and I will shave my head.
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01 December 2018
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My Story

I have been called many (non-male) names during the past year and have also been compared to a sheep on numerous occasions.

I started growing my hair as part of a 2016 new year's resolution, but it turned into a fundraiser for LIV Village. If you don't know LIV, watch the video!!

1 January 2017...

I am getting rid of my wool and and would like you to support LIV Village and help sponsor a child.

  • R3 000, I will get a nice clean accountant haircut
  • R6 000, I will use a #3 clipper to do the damage
  • R10 000, clean shaven...with a blade...from a Turkish barber.
  • R20 000, I will clean up the rest of my face with a blade.
  • R30 000, I will WAX my legs as an added bonus...and promise to upload a video.
  • R40 000, I am happy to take on suggestions & challenges :)

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LIV Village

LIV Village

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Marius Maré
By Marius Maré
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This project is closed for donations.