Turning 30 and raising funds while doing so!
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24 November 2015
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My Story

I'm turning 30 on the 1st of November and instead of presents this year, I would like to challenge you to make a small contribution to my project which will go a long way in helping families in financial crisis whose children are malnourished.

Love to Give is a registered non-profit operating in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch and they are doing an amazing job to feed thousands of children daily, providing food parcels to mothers and caring for young adults through computer literacy training and counselling.

I recently spent some time at Love to Give while doing a photo documentary. Have a look at the photos.

I would like to raise R3,000 (target achieved, now R4000) with your help to give this community and especially the children a better chance at life, and it all starts with the basics — a proper meal.

Any donations, no matter how small will be much appreciated. All funds raised will go directly to Love to Give, a registered non-profit.

To find out more about Love to Give, click here.

Thanks for your time


Benefiting Charities

Stellenbosch Community Development t/a Love to Give

Stellenbosch Community Development t/a Love to Give

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Stellenbosch Community Development t/a Love to Give