Life-Saving Cancer Treatment Must Go On
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My Story
There’s nothing like personal experience to confirm what we tell ourselves we already know.
And it’s Miranda Fisher’s personal experience that I’d like to share with you today.
A committed CANSA volunteer in her home town, Miranda has always been aware of the services we offer to patients and families living with cancer.
But then, Miranda was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer herself.
Suddenly, she had to confront whether to become a ‘victim’, or an ‘object of pity’, or fight.
One look at her children, and Miranda chose to fight. After breast surgery, intensive radiation was recommended.
It was here that the CANSA Care Homes came sharply into focus for Miranda. She had to leave home and relocate to Cape Town for the treatment.
The prospect and cost of living in an unfamiliar city is daunting for anyone – but far worse for someone receiving treatment for cancer.
But our Care Home at Tygerberg Hospital – and friends like you – were there to receive Miranda with love, understanding, and encouragement.
Whilst radiation does its work, it also takes a high toll. And for four weeks and six days Miranda was looked after by the care home team – physically, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Something for which Miranda has expressed herself as forever grateful. But this was all before COVID-19.
The pandemic has put cancer patients in the front line for infection danger. The way some of our services operated had to be changed radically. But life-saving cancer treatment has to go on. And we were determined to keep our Care Homes open.
As individuals, protecting ourselves has put extra cost on all our budgets. So you can imagine what this has done to our Care Homes’ budgets.
We suddenly had to find protective clothing for our staff. Masks became compulsory for everyone. Deep cleaning required professional services. And just the price of the daily sanitiser supply is alarming.
For help to meet these new costs, I have nowhere to turn but to friends like you.
Your loyal and generous compassion for the patients and families who need support through all the phases of cancer, makes you someone exceptional.
I know that many people are struggling financially during these difficult times, making this a big ask . . .
. . . but could you possibly show your loyal and generous compassion again, by clicking here to make your secure online donation? Any amount will help us keep our Care Homes open, and safe for patients receiving life-saving cancer treatment.
Your kindness and online gifts are always met with enormous gratitude by the patients and families whose lives you touch. Helping to keep our Care Homes open and safe in these troubled times, makes your donation a true gift of hope.
And please keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the deadly COVID-19 virus.

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