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I am so excited to be a part of team TargetCancer Foundation in the 128th Boston Marathon. I was introduced to TCF when my brother, Justin, ran on the team in 2020. Running the Boston Marathon has been a dream of mine for several years, and I can’t think of a better organization to run it for.

I will be running and fundraising in honor of my dad, Michael Feldman, who passed away from Glioblastoma in 2007. Though I was only six years old, I am finding his absence impacting me now more than ever. I am often told by my mom and other friends that my dad and I are so similar, from our sense of humor to the way that we physically carry ourselves. It makes me happy to be able to preserve his memory in this tangible way.

The memories that I share with my dad are constantly on my mind. I remember the little things, like him watching me at ice skating or soccer practice, or us celebrating Hanukkah each year as a family. I also remember bigger things, like the resilience that he showed throughout his three month fight with cancer. I have vivid memories of his smile when I walked into the room, amidst the surgeries and chemotherapy. His strength inspires me to this day, even after so many years. I am so lucky to have had him in my life even for the short period of time.

My father’s battle with cancer was brief, aggressive, and had no cure, as it often can be with under-researched forms of cancer. It is extremely upsetting for cancer victims and their families to be told that there is no cure for their illness. I am honored to support TargetCancer Foundation in their mission to research and bring awareness to these rare cancers. I hope that, someday, those facing rare cancers will know that they have options and that there is hope for them in their fight. 

I am grateful for any donation that you may be able to give to me and to TCF. As always, a big thank you to my family and friends for the constant support; I appreciate it more than you know!


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TargetCancer Foundation

TargetCancer Foundation

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128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

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Katie Feldman
By Katie Feldman
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