Justin & Danielle's 2023 Boston Marathon Fundraiser for ALS ONE
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30 April 2023
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My Story
Justin and Danielle Klee, part of Team Amylyx, are honored to be running the 2023 Boston Marathon for ALS ONE, an amazing Massachusetts-based ALS organization that is a leader in helping people with ALS today, and supporting scientific research for a better tomorrow. Thank you for your consideration to support this great cause and to ultimately end ALS! 

More on ALS ONE 

ALS ONE is an unprecedented partnership of world leaders in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research and care who have joined forces to help cut bureaucratic red tape to combat the disease more efficiently and effectively for all.

Amylyx has been a proud supporter of ALS ONE and their efforts for multiple years, and Justin and Danielle are so thrilled to now be able to run the Boston Marathon to support such a wonderful organization.

More on Team Amylyx

Team Amylyx is a group of individuals who met through work and our love for running. Together we decided to "join the race" to wipe out ALS and neurodegenerative diseases. We are running the 2023 Boston Marathon to raise awareness and donations for families living with these conditions. We come together with our own backgrounds and personal experiences, but we run for a single cause: to end ALS and neurodegenerative disease.

It is our hope that the funds we raise through your generous donations will help find the path to end these devastating conditions. Thank you so much for your consideration and support! 

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127th Boston Marathon

127th Boston Marathon

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Justin & Danielle Klee
By Justin & Danielle Klee
This project is closed for donations.