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My Story

I’m excited to announce I will be running the Boston Marathon in support of SPARK Kindness!

I am a lifelong resident of Natick and have deep roots in the Community. I spent many summers volunteering at Camp Arrowhead working as a one-on-one helper for campers with special needs. I currently work in Natick for Dacon Corporation, a design/build construction firm.

I’m thrilled to support our wonderful community through my love of running. I was introduced to Michele Marotta, SPARK’s Associate Executive Director, through a fellow Natick Runner. I became interested in SPARK’s mission because of their wide range of support to promote inclusivity. I have encountered the need and benefits of this environment at various times in my life. One of those moments was when I joined the women’s rugby team in college at Saint Joseph’s University. I was drawn to the raw competition of the sport, but what I later learned was that rugby was a safe haven for those who didn’t quite fit in with other organizations on campus. Some teammates of mine didn’t have any athletic background, but joined a very physical sport solely for the overwhelming acceptance and “come as you are” mentality.  This environment is what motivated me to join the Charles River Rugby Football Club in Boston after graduating. Inclusivity is evident throughout the rugby community and I am proud to be a part of it and continue my journey through coaching youth rugby.

SPARK Kindness centers inclusion and belonging in all aspects of their work and programming, which is one of the reasons why I am so proud to support this incredible organization. 


More about SPARK!

Launched to counter cyberbullying in 2010, SPARK Kindness has grown into a nonprofit convener, educator, resource, and friend—and the biggest fan of our community's shared strengths. SPARK Kindness hosts speakers, parenting groups, community activities, and supports whenever needed. All SPARK programs and resources are FREE thanks to dedicated volunteers, donors, business and philanthropic sponsors, and friends.    

SPARK Kindness is unique because it addresses serious issues affecting families and the community as a whole, such as bullying, mental health, social and emotional development, substance use and inclusion, with a unifying, grassroots approach.  

Programming: SPARK resources and services are free of charge and open to the public. During the past 10+ years, SPARK has offered more than 160 free programs, reaching more than 10,000 individuals from Natick, MetroWest and beyond. During the COVID-19 pandemic, SPARK's programming shifted to an entirely virtual platform, and expanded to meet the emerging needs of individuals, parents and caregivers, with a focus on community resilience, emotional health and wellbeing.

Approach: SPARK Kindness takes a proactive, strengths-based approach to building a community that promotes dignity and respect for all. 

· Proactive: We cannot wait until there are tragedies relating to bullying or intolerance before we take a stand for a respectful community. 

· Strengths Based: Starting with “what works” makes us stronger. Before we address the difficult problems facing families and communities, we need to get in touch with our strengths, which, in turn, empower us. 

· Community Based: We can face any problem if we do so together, collaborate and pool our resources and talents.    

We invite you to join us in Natick and a growing network of communities to SPARK even more kindness in 2021, and beyond! You can visit www.SPARKKindness.org for more information about upcoming programs and resources.  


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SPARK Kindness, Inc.

SPARK Kindness, Inc.

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125th Boston Marathon

125th Boston Marathon

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Jenny Sack
By Jenny Sack
SPARK Kindness, Inc.
This project is closed for donations.