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My Story

2 years ago, my dad lost his battle to cancer. Before he was diagnosed, I was oblivious to this illness and the destruction that cancer causes. Since knowing the hard cold heartless truth about cancer, you realise how many people are going through this nightmare on a daily basis.
I was blessed to have received help from many people, and it made our journey easier. I will never be able to repay those people because the help that I received was more than just financial.. My hope in undertaking this charity drive is to give back in ways that I can.
On the 8th April, I will be taking part in a 12 hour relay, to honour those we have lost and celebrate those that have beaten cancer.
You are meant to form teams of up to 15 people, and each member of the team takes turns to walk around a track for the full 12 hours. Each team is asked to have at least one representative on the track at all times, to signify "cancer never sleeps"
Because I was blessed with so much help, myself and Gavin have undertaken to form a two man team, and accept the challenge to partake for the full 12 hours with our commitment take part in the full 12 hours.
We ask in return that you make a small donation of any monetary value, of any value to cansa.


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CANSA Relay For Life

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Olga Thangavay
By Olga Thangavay
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