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Hi! I need your help. I’m taking part in The Mud Day Swiss 2019 to raise money for , who do great work for a cause that’s very close to my heart. If you can, please donate to my fundraising project on Given Gain,Goals:  Assistthe girl child to attain primary and secondary Education especially in rural areas.  Support the vulnerable and orphans who are unable to meet school requirement  Conduct educational research and informational activities to increase public awareness-on issues of education.   Provide research and information to foundations and corporate giving programmes about needs of organizations that advocate for clean water in communities and women ability. Objectives:  Advance-public policy that protects the dignity and rights of girls especially those from vulnerable communities.   Develop public awareness to give visibility to gendered violence in the communities.   Create global partnership with international human rights and women’s rights organizations that look at the need to educate a girl child. Improve conditions of confinement for girls and young women in communities. Improve conditions of women abilities in rural communities.   Educate young farmers on new farming methods that would improve yields in rural areas.Mission statement:To inspire breakthroughs in the way communities treat vulnerable children, women and orphans in order to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

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Honourable Mazabuka
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