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My Story
1 tree = R100 80 trees = R8000 80 trees = 1 weeks' participation for 1 person at Trees for Zambia Trees for Zambia is a project I have been keen to get involved in since its inception in 2012. In 2014 I hope to have the opportunity to travel to Livingstone, Zambia and plant lots of trees, but I need your help! Why plant trees? through photosynthesis trees use up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen. Modern life is a mass producer of carbon dioxide, which is one of the causes of Global Climate Change. As the world population grows, deforestation takes places, as trees are used for resources and forests are cleared to make way for people. By planting trees I can offset some of the carbon produced by me, living my life in the 21st century. I can help offset your carbon footprint too if you are willing to donate trees. Why Livingstone, Zambia? Zambia has seen rampant deforestation in recent decades, mainly as a result of bad land management, slash and burn farming methods, unsustainable logging and tree cutting for charcoal. Livingstone will always hold a piece of my heart as somewhere I have visited regularly on my adventures during the time I worked for 2 Way Travel. Its a tourism hub, and sees many visitors from many countries who come to experience the majesty of Victoria Falls, and the action packed adventure and beautiful wildlife surrounding the falls. The local people are very friendly and accommodating, yet the struggles of day to day life in Africa take their toll and the communities and environment suffer the consequences. Why we need you to help? We do not have the finances available to fund the trip cost myself, as i will barely just cover the cost of the flights, by helping me to raise trees, you are helping me to cover the ground costs of my trip. I need your help to make this dream of mine a reality. I can make a difference, even if its small, as every bit helps. I need to raise 80 trees in order to fund my trip to Zambia for a week. Help me to realise a dream and to make a difference.Donate a tree! To Read more about Trees for Zambia, follow this link: or watch this video:

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Ruth Erasmus
By Ruth Erasmus
This project is closed for donations.