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01 June 2021
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My Story
Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in Make a Difference in May with Collège Beau Soleil to raise money for Switzerland for UNHCR, who do great work for a cause that's very close to my heart by providing scholarships for refugee children (only 3% of which attend higher education).

I am so lucky to work in such a privileged educational setting, but am so mindful of the millions of displaced children around the world condemned to a cycle of poverty because they cannot get a decent education, which so many of us take for granted.

As a teacher, I know the power and empowerment that comes with education and am thrilled by the prospect of being able to actually do something that can have a serious and tangible impact on the lives of others.

Bear and I are on a mission to master these mountains - we currently do about 250km a month, so we will aim to push this to 300km for May - will you support us?

Covid has taken it's toll on us all in different ways (my waist line and addiction to scrolling on my phone for a start). But this May I want to turn this around and make an effort to take better care of myself whilst also raising funds to help others.

If you can, please donate to my fundraising project on GivenGain!

Benefiting Charities

Switzerland for UNHCR

Switzerland for UNHCR

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Make a difference in May with Collège Beau Soleil

Make a difference in May with Collège Beau Soleil

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Gemma Treeby
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Switzerland for UNHCR