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My Story

I am beyond honored to represent the Boston Bulldogs Running Club in the 2024 Boston Marathon.

I experienced my first panic attack at 12 years old, scared as to why I could no longer see in front of me in language arts class. Having struggled with anxiety and depression for the seven years since then, I have strained relationships with loved ones, felt hopelessly alone, and at many times believed I was a lost cause. I have both seen and felt how ill mental health can destroy lives, and am ready to take a step forwards for myself and anyone with their own story. Take this step with me by supporting the Boston Bulldogs Running Club.

Having been witness to the undeniable link between addiction and mental health, I know the road to recovery should never be taken alone. Together, we can create a supportive and inclusive environment, reducing stigma and advocating awareness.

If a loved one of yours has struggled or is struggling, I would be honored to run for them and carry their name or initials on my shoes or bib on race day.

Thank you so much for hearing my story!


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Boston Bulldogs Running Club

Boston Bulldogs Running Club

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