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My Story
I am a three time Boston Marathon finisher (2009, 2013, 2014). I belong to a family of Boston finishers- It is not just a race to me. The stories of human strength and reslience throughout the history of the Boston Marathon have inspired my life since I was very young, as I made my first visit to Boylston street at age 2. 

My family and I were all dispersed throughout the finish line area in 2013 during the bombing. While I know that my experiences that day were nowhere near as terrifying as others, the events of that day completely changed my view of the world. 

In the months that followed I somehow made my way to Rebekah's story. Her courage and faith in the face of great adversity has been beyond inspirational for me. Through social media I have admired how she has handled all of life's challenges with grace, humor, a focus on family and God. When I have faced my own struggles, I have found so much strength in her example. 

Besides my connection to the Boston Marathon, the mission of Rebekah's Angels is important to me as I have taught for the last 14 years in the city of Milwaukee. With limited resources (no school counselor - or therapists) I have supported 6 and 7 year olds through traumatic events that will forever shape their lives. The majority of my students will never get the treatments/ support that may help them successfully treat their PTSD. I believe that as a society, increased awareness and resources to this disorder will change the lives of future generations and can help end this endless cycle of trauma. With all of the violence and political arguments in this world, I believe with all of my heart that the work of this organization is what can truly make an impact and change our trajectory as a society. Addressing trauma related illness and disorder in our children has never been as important as it is now.

I went back to run the Boston Marathon in 2014.  Seeing the city's resilience and strength was beyond inspiring and helped me remember that despite all of the horrible things that happen in our world, there is so much good. 

I don't know of anywhere else on this Earth where you can experience the full spectrum of human emotion like you can on Boylston street - to quote the 2005 race poster "Some Finish Lines Just Mean More Than Others - It's What Happens at Boston"

 After starting my family and finding my way back to running, I am ready to make my return to Boston, but when I thought about returning for the ten year anniversary of the bombings, I didn't want that experience to be soley about me. I want to pay tribute to the lives lost, the pain of that day, and the strength that was found. The experience and the history of the Boston Marathon is bigger than any one person - when I think about going back, I want that race to benefit others.

I am honored to be a part of the Rebekah's Angel's team. Inspired by Rebekah's strength and resilience. Help me support her mission and make this world a little bit better. 

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Rebekah's Angels Foundation

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127th Boston Marathon

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Elizabeth Hartwig
By Elizabeth Hartwig
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