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I’m thrilled to be part of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club for the 128th Boston Marathon, which will be my first time running Boston and will take place a few days after I reach one year of sobriety, by the grace of God. Neither of these goals are easy, and I’m not taking them for granted. Though the prospect of running Boston with a year to my name seems too good to be true for my story, I know I can get there with hard work, resilience and with the support of my communities. 

It feels so right that my first Boston Marathon will be with the Bulldogs, a non-profit club dedicated to providing resources and community to people in recovery and to anyone whose lives have been affected by addiction. Since I joined this past summer, the club has become an essential part of my recovery; and my engagement in this community has allowed me to join my passion for running with my recovery in a way that has strengthened my mind-body connection and has given me relationships that have truly changed my life. 

Our team’s fundraising efforts will go directly to the club’s ongoing work across greater Boston. I am deeply grateful for the Bulldogs’ place in my life as well as for this opportunity to contribute to their mission as I prepare to run Boston. The Bulldogs host weekly walk/runs that are welcome to anyone in recovery or in support of a recovery lifestyle. Please be in touch if you have any questions about the team, if you or anyone you love needs support, or for any other reason. I appreciate your support of any kind more than I can say. 

N.B. The Boston Bulldogs Running Club is a 501(c) 3 non-profit eligible for corporate matching if you want to consider maximizing donations.

Thank you!

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Boston Bulldogs Running Club

Boston Bulldogs Running Club

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