I am fundraising for the Stellenbosch Business School (SBS) Future Fund
David wants to raise R50,000.00
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My Story
Hallo, I am David Molotsi a recipient of the Future fund scholarship and a PGDip Alumni. I am an entrepreneur passionate about creating an active economic in every part of South Africa. Outside studying at one of the best Business Schools in the world, the exposure studying at Stellenbosch Business School and the networking was one of the most important aspect of business school.

I am raising money for 10 students who will undergo a very strict bursary application process. Among these, 5 post-graduate diploma students will be granted 50% bursaries, while 5 aspiring participants in non-profit programs will receive 100% bursaries.

My goal is to fund these students who are responsible leaders in our society and for them to experience what Kofi Annan once said. "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress of society, in every family". Kofi Annan

Your contribution of any amount is never too small, and can help liberate someone and expose them to world class knowledge, networks, opportunities and relationships that come by being part of the Stellenbosch Business environment.

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Stellenbosch University - South Africa

Stellenbosch University - South Africa

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David Molotsi
By David Molotsi
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