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30 April 2023
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My Story
Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in 2023 Absa Cape Epic to raise money for Qhubeka Charity, who do great work for a cause that's very close to my heart. If you can, please donate to my fundraising project on GivenGain!

About Qhubeka

Qhubeka is a global charity that moves people forward with bicycles in Africa.

Millions of people spend time and energy walking long distances to where they need to be.

The impact of receiving a bicycle is immediate and lives change the day a person gets a bicycle.

With a bicycle children get to school quicker and easier, healthcare workers can visit more patients, adults go to work and can open micro businesses to earn income. As a result less children drop out of school and more children pass their exams.

Bicycles make children happy, happy children make happy families and happy families make happy villages.

Contact Qhubeka

Email:  info@qhubeka.org
Website:  www.qhubeka.org
Phone:  +27 83 325 1344

Benefiting Charities

Qhubeka Charity

Qhubeka Charity

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The Event

2023 Absa Cape Epic

2023 Absa Cape Epic

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David Higgs
By David Higgs
Qhubeka Charity
This project is closed for donations.