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My Story
When I was 18, just a day after graduating high school, the surgeons at Beth Israel saved my life. I came into the hospital after immense headaches, slurred speech, and vomiting, and was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma.

Right before I went under, the surgeon told me there was a 95% chance of success, and to leave the 5% to him. I gave him a thumbs up, knowing I was in great care. After just a few days of rest in the hospital afterwards, I was cleared to go home and haven't had a single complication since then.

Thanks to Beth Israel, I got to go to college soon after (with a fancy scar to show off), build a career, and fall in love.

In that time I have also picked up running, as my family has a long history both watching and participating in the Boston Marathon. Growing up, the race went right by our house, and we would cheer on participants for hours every year. Both my parents ran multiple times, and my dad would always request chocolate chip cookies when he met us on the route. After running a few years in a row, he decided to take 2013 off, unintentionally avoiding the horrific act that has come to haunt and unite us in Boston. He, and thousands others, made sure to sign up the year after.

A few years back my older brother ran, carrying on the tradition. Now it is my turn. While I have since moved away from Boston, a piece of it has always stayed with me and it has been my dream to run this marathon.

Ever since my first 5 mile race I have imagined so many moments on race day. The energy of the starting line. Kissing my fiancé in front of her alma mater in the scream tunnel. Running past my childhood home. Powering through Heartbreak Hill. And most of all making it downtown and hearing the crowds cheer me on to the finish line.

I am proud that I have the privilege to support the research at Beth Israel Lahey Health and give back for what they have done for me. Please join me in supporting this incredible cause.

Benefiting Charities

Beth Israel Lahey Health

Beth Israel Lahey Health

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The Event

128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

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Cory Brannigan
By Cory Brannigan
Beth Israel Lahey Health