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Hi Everyone!

Thank you for stopping by my fundraising page! This year I'm taking part in 128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America to raise money for Fisher House of Boston, who do great work for a cause that's very close to my heart.

For those of you who don't know, Fisher House of Boston eases the burden on military members (active, veteran, and retired) and their families during illness or injury by providing a home away from home where families can stay comfortably at no cost to them while a loved one is receiving treatment inpatient, or 4+ days a week, at any Boston-area medical center.

As a military pediatric intensive care physician, I get to see the incredible work that Fisher House of Boston does for our community regularly. This year alone, over a third of the families they have supported are receiving care at Boston Children's Hospital where I have the honor of caring for patients. The comfort and support that Fisher House of Boston is able to provide to families is a crucial part of supporting our patients and helping them heal. I am honored to be running the Boston Marathon in support of Fisher House of Boston, and I am greatful for your support of such a wonderful organization.

With gratitude,


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Fisher House of Boston

Fisher House of Boston

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128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

128th Boston Marathon® Presented by Bank of America

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Ashley Sam
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Fisher House of Boston