I am running the 2023 Boston Marathon raising funds for Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation #22Strong
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My Story
I’m not bulletproof and neither are you.

Please read my story and share:

Growing up, I always dreamt of becoming a collegiate athlete.
I put my blood, sweat, and tears into my craft, year after to year, to achieve my goal. Finally, I had it. I signed my NLI to play Division I lacrosse at Boston University. I am indestructible, I thought. I was quite wrong.

Throughout the entirety of my college career, I battled adversity:
⁃ 2 broken thumbs
⁃ Multiple concussions
⁃ Perforated ear drum
⁃ Hip Labral tear
⁃ Kidney laceration
⁃ COVID-19

The last thing I expected going into my senior year of college was to be diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

It is estimated that between 8,000-10,000 men will develop Testicular Cancer this year.

1 in every 250 men will develop Testicular Cancer at some point in their life time.

Testicular Cancer is the most common malignancy among men 20 to 40 years old.

In October of 2020, I discovered a tumor on my testicle. I was scheduled for an orchiectomy 1 week after discovering the tumor. On the day of the surgery, the urologist discovered that the 1 tumor had grown to 5. My testicle was removed and my cancer markers returned to normal. After several months of surveillance, the cancer markers spiked and a tumor was found on a lymph node in my abdomen, resulting in a stage II diagnosis. I was scheduled for 3 rounds of chemotherapy with Bleomycin, Etoposide, and Cisplatin. After my first round, the doctors discovered the Bleomycin was creating lung damage. They altered my regimen to 4 rounds of chemotherapy with Etoposide and Cisplatin. I finished the 4 rounds of chemotherapy just in time to walk at the student athlete graduation. Dressed in my gown and ready to walk, I got a call from my doctor who said chest scans showed deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) in the right atrium of my heart. No walking for me; back to the hospital. I was then treated with anticoagulants through injections for months.

That’s when I realized I’m not very bullet proof.

Too often, men try to patch a bullet wound with a bandaid.

Early detection of Testicular Cancer allows for more treatment options and increases the chance of survival.

My mission is to use my network to create awareness and allow for early detection.

On April 16th 2023, I will celebrate 2 years of being cancer free.

On April 17th 2023, I will run the 127th Boston Marathon and raise funds for the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Please consider donating to my campaign, but more importantly, please share this post.

Statistically 1 in every 250 men that read this post will have had / will develop Testicular Cancer.

Help me make this post statistically significant, so together we can help men, like me, get the treatment they need.


Benefiting Charities

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

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127th Boston Marathon

127th Boston Marathon

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Andrew Martin
By Andrew Martin
Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation
This project is closed for donations.