I am running Boston Marathon for Friends of the Framingham Library
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29 November 2021
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My Story
Restrictions lifted, most people are vaccinated and here we are looking forward to October 11th to finally have the BOSTON MARATHON back.

You guys have been simply AMAZING last year when together we pulled off what seemed impossible to me – we raised over $10,000 for the Framingham Public Library to make me the top fundraiser for the entire Team Framingham. I am forever grateful to all of you who supported me and donated to my campaign.

Unfortunately, all our efforts didn’t see the culmination point – I didn’t run the real BOSTON MARATHON from Hopkinton to Boston. And that’s exactly why I am back. I still live and breathe the dream of running BOSTON MARATHON and I cannot accomplish this crazy feat without your help.

I am so excited to tell you that I am back in business with my charity partner in crime that you all have come to love – Friends of the Framingham Library.

These guys have embraced the digital transformation and have shown how the modern library of today should look like:
• Order a book online - ✓
• Pick it up from the physical location in a safe way - ✓
• Get a free copy of an audiobook (who needs audible?)- ✓
• Zoom classes on personal finance (my favorite) - ✓
• YouTube Live violin concerts (for real) - ✓
• Exercise classes online (ditch your personal trainers) - ✓

All of your donations will support these amazing initiatives to ensure everyone in the community has free access to these great things.

Thank you, and God bless all of you.


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Friends of the Framingham Library Association

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Anatoly Prekrasnyy
By Anatoly Prekrasnyy
Friends of the Framingham Library Association
This project is closed for donations.