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Helping underprivileged children gain access to a good education has always been close to my heart but it's something that I only took action on after reading "The boy who never gave up" by Dr Emmanual Taban.

This year I've raised funds for the Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Scholarship Programme in the hope that a talented young girl will get the education she deserves and go on to a brighter future that ends the cycle of generational poverty.

According to The World Bank, "Poverty is one of the most important factors for determining whether a girl can access and complete her education. Studies consistently reinforce that girls who face multiple disadvantages — such as low family income, living in remote or underserved locations or who have a disability or belong to a minority ethno-linguistic group — are farthest behind in terms of access to and completion of education."

So far we've raised R27 500 and aim to cover one year's tuition (around R42 000) at Jeppe Girls in 2023. 

Please join me on this wonderfully rewarding journey to uplift the lives of those less privileged than ourselves. No amount is too small to donate.

More details about the Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Scholarship Programme can be viewed on their website:

If you want to be further inspired by the impact education can make, read this:

All proceeds on GivenGain go directly to the Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Trust, a registered charity. Should you wish to receive a Section 18A tax certificate for your donation, please feel free to reach out to me.

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Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Trust

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