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Treeting The World A Bit Better

By Kirra Evans

Help me raise money to buy 80 trees to combat deforestation in Zambia ! :D

69.375% Completed
R6,660 raised
R9,600 Target

Running a marathon for Charmaine

By Elisabeth Masanet

We've decided to run our 1rst marathon and half-marathon (the first for most of us) to help Charm...

53.125% Completed
R42,500 raised
R80,000 Target

Cape Town Cycle Tour on a Qhubeka Bike to raise R100,000.

By Marc Anley

Marc Anley and Herman Botes will ride the 2017 CPT Cycle Tour on Qhubeka bikes - goal to raise R1...

10.35% Completed
R10,350 raised
R100,000 Target

David Hulbert - To protect Domestic and Wild animals

By David Hulbert

I’ll be riding 109km around the Cape Peninsula, committing myself to raising funds for shelter an...

31.25% Completed
R6,250 raised
R20,000 Target

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