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Happy 35th Birthday Melissa...One book... just one book...

By Melissa Jaftha

Instead of a birthday present, please sponsor a new OAKY book or two (R45 each) for Grade 2 learn...

14.375% Completed
R1,035 raised
R7,200 Target

Virginia Prep Swimming the Midmar Mile with The Cows

By Virginia Prep Cows Midmar Mile 2017

Swimming the Midmar Mile 2017 with The Cows Cows to support children with cancer (CHOC Childhood ...

93.3333333333333% Completed
R16,800 raised
R18,000 Target
281 DAYS

4 van Drutens 2 Swim4Sadie

By Salli van Druten

We will once again swim across the Midmar Dam, thinking of Sadie with every stroke that we make.

100% Completed
R15,223 raised
R4,000 Target

Louise and Armand - Our Wedding Gift to CANSA TLC

By Rinelle Mudray

The greatest gift Louise and Armand could receive for their Wedding Day is a contribution from th...

100% Completed
R8,850 raised
R7,000 Target

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