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Riding joBerg2c for

By Chris Westgarth-Taylor

Help me raise money for this most worthwhile cause. I will be riding 950km off road in 9 days to ...

15.55% Completed
R31,100 raised
R200,000 Target
190 DAYS

Team Drop your Rods - Put Foot Rally 2017

By Erica-Darren-Keagan Stevenson

Pleased to announce R27400.00 raised. Please help us reach our final goal R30000.00. $11 | R140...

100% Completed
R28,600 raised
R12,000 Target

Virginia Prep Swimming the Midmar Mile with The Cows

By Virginia Prep Cows Midmar Mile 2017

Swimming the Midmar Mile 2017 with The Cows Cows to support children with cancer (CHOC Childhood ...

93.3333333333333% Completed
R16,800 raised
R18,000 Target
129 DAYS

Riding for Qhubeka

By Ebony Bailey

I'm raising bucks for bikes. Help me supply an awesome kid with a pretty sweet bike.

40% Completed
$200 raised
$500 Target

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