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Help Conservation saving Wild Dog from Extinction!

By Platgemoerde Pampoene

Help save Endangered African Species with Wildlife ACT. Team 180# Platgemoerde Pampoene are Raisi...

46.6666666666667% Completed
R1,400 raised
R3,000 Target

94.7km Ride for Qhubeka

By Lourens le Roux

Qhubeka is a South African not-for-profit organisation that donates bicycles as part of the World...

97.719298245614% Completed
R5,570 raised
R5,700 Target

Riding Round the World for Qhubeka

By Adam Nicoll

Charity bicycle ride for Qhubeka - Bicycles for children to attend school

100% Completed
$183 raised
$183 Target

Deloitte Impact Day Ride for Qhubeka

By John Heuisler

We will ride and raise funds to empower people and communities with bicycles.

100% Completed
$270 raised
$183 Target

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