Modderfontein, Lethabong, Gauteng, South Africa

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Threatened Amphibian Programme

By Endangered Wildlife Trust

Protecting crucial wetland habitat of the Critically Endangered Pickersgill’s Reed Frog on the Kw...

7.12% Completed
R7,120 raised
R100,000 Target

Save our Honey Badger

By Endangered Wildlife Trust

Honey Badgers are classified as Endangered in the red species data list.

67.2066666666667% Completed
R10,081 raised
R15,000 Target

The Bazaruto Dugong Protection Project

By Endangered Wildlife Trust

YOU can be a hero for Dugongs! Extinction threatens East Africa's last viable Dugong population.

12.006% Completed
R24,012 raised
R200,000 Target

Save our Blue Crane

By Endangered Wildlife Trust

URGENT REPORT: South Africa’s National Bird is Missing in Action

31.726% Completed
R47,589 raised
R150,000 Target

Save our Rhinos

By Endangered Wildlife Trust

We are losing one rhino every one and a half days!

88.3562% Completed
R441,781 raised
R500,000 Target