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Assistance needed please

By Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue S.A.

​To help as many animals as possible, we need to be able to pay off our overhead costs.

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R1,018 raised
R100,000 Target

Every child has a story

By Home From Home

Every child has a story. Your sponsorship of one of the vulnerable children our care will give us...

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Bus Drive with Christel House South Africa

By Christel House South Africa

Christel House South Africa needs your help to raise funds to purchase a new school bus to transp...

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By Elephants Alive

Elephants Alive team to run, swim, cycle and fly to help save runaway elephants!

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R30,156 raised
R1,000,000 Target


By Promotora Mexicana de Valores Deportivos A.C.

Serve, Promote, Generate and Strengthen innovative opportunities for the creative development of ...

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$10,000 Target

Bursaries for Orchestra Course 2018

By South African National Youth Orchestra Foundation

Our training pathway has been created to nurture the musical development of South Africa’s finest...

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R45,000 Target

We need our ecosystems and their birds, and they need us.

By BirdLife South Africa

Donate to BirdLife South Africa's Policy & Advocacy Programme to help safeguard our threatened bi...

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Early Years Services - 2018/19 Campaign

By Early Years Services

Help us to overcome the scourge of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in South Africa by supporting our work.

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2018 Community Impact Coach Initiative

By Coaches Across Continents

Support the next generation of Community Impact Coaches, as they support the communities surround...

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$100,000 Target

Let's build a Multi-Sport Court

By United Through Sport

United Through Sport is fundraising to build a Multi-Sport Court where netball, basketball, tenni...

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£5,000 Target

If you can, help cover transport for ICASA's public hearings

By amandla.mobi

ICASA is holding public hearings on data expiring after 30 days. We need to make sure those most ...

35% Completed
R1,050 raised
R3,000 Target

Reconstruction des cabanes du stade de slalom

By Ski-Club Villars

Aidez-nous à financer la reconstruction des cabanes du stade de slalom à Bretaye.

1.375% Completed
SFr275 raised
SFr20,000 Target

Help protect and conserve southern Africa's elephants!

By Elephants Alive

Elephants Alive’s mission is to ensure the survival of elephants and their habitats and to promot...

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Early Childhood Development Centre

By Sithanda Upliftment Projects

We are focused on building our next ECD facility for the less fortunate youth and to further upli...

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R500,000 Target

Colour in a future

By Big Skies Foundation

Kick start a better future for farm community kids by sending them to better high schools, and gi...

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NID - Save on Tax!

By National Institute for the Deaf

Giving to NID can help you save on tax

R500 raised
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