31 cause campaigns

GWF Digital Learning Campuses

By LEAP Foundation

Digital learning campuses

$8,700 raised

All Heart Fund

By LEAP Foundation

Inspired by the heart and spirit of Leanna Knopik, a young lady who touched many lives."I want to...

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General donations

By Nexus Vivus International

Information to follow

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General donations

By Abstain2010

Information to follow.

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Getting to schools!

By Girls Kick It! - A Project of Global Youth Partnership for Africa

One of the obstacles we face at Girls Kick It is transportation to the schools where we teach lif...

29.4% Completed
$147 raised
$500 Target

Holistic Care for Indian Orphans

By Back2Back Ministries, inc.

Back2Back's international orphan care work is made possible through a personal mission trip exper...

9.13846153846154% Completed
$1,188 raised
$13,000 Target

Antarctic Site Inventory

By Oceanites

Publicly supported conservation of Antarctica. The Antarctic Site Inventory is primarily sus...

8.62% Completed
$2,155 raised
$25,000 Target

Uhambo's Top 3 Projects

By Uhambo USA

Uhambo USA currently has three important funding needs. Your contribution of $50 or even $25...

4.2% Completed
$210 raised
$5,000 Target
11.732% Completed
$5,866 raised
$50,000 Target

#SU99 - Help our students graduate debt free!

By Stellenbosch University - Alumni USA

Give the gift of freedom this festive season when you make a contribution of any amount to our #S...

1.000100010001% Completed
$100 raised
$9,999 Target

Community Garden

By Navajo United Methodist Center

We are reviving our New Beginnings Community Garden.  We have an enthusiastic group of young...

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$5,000 Target

Tailoring Class

By Hinds Feet Ministries

In October 2006 a nine-month tailoring class was started at the Heritage Center at Camp Johnson R...

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$890 Target

To be added

By Worldchanging

To be added.

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Cultural and Ecological Tourism

By Community Development Partners for the Americas


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By Living Water International

When a truck-mounted rig that could drill to 1,000 meters became available from an American oil c...

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