187 cause campaigns

Kenyah Scripture Translation Project

By Bible Translation in South-East Asia

In the year 1999, the Kenyah people of the neighbouring state Sarawak asked SIL to partner with t...

R240,340 raised

Ukusiza Project

By Adventure 'n Beyond

We are very excited about our Ukusiza project.  This is our special project where we give back to...

100% Completed
R18,054 raised
R290 Target
R1,185,253 raised

Student Mentorship Co-ordinator

By Christian Medical Fellowship (South Africa)

Donations received go towards linking students with senior graduates who can mentor them.

R1,200,693 raised

Building project Indochina

By Free to Serve

We urgently need to build our Training Centre on this plot in Indochina for Skills-, Youth- & Lea...

44.85% Completed
R89,700 raised
R200,000 Target

Normal Church Giving (Planned Giving)

By St Paul's Church (CESA, Stellenbosch)

As they say, “don't rob Peter to pay Paul”! All St Paul's partners and other supporte...

R417,310 raised

Ons aanlyn bediening

By ekerk

Ekerk se primêre bediening is op die Internet. Ons het tans twee webblaaie wat onderskeidel...

100% Completed
R1,952,696 raised
R60,000 Target

August & Anita Basson's Support

By Lesotho Ministries - August & Anita Basson

August and Anita relies on the support of donors, and they are responsible for raising their own ...

R1,399,614 raised


By Lewenskruispadsorgsentrum

Providing board and lodging to pensioners receiving a pension of under R1000 a month.

$0 raised

Food project

By NG Gemeente Noordkus

Help feed children in township.

$0 raised

Crossroad Kids - Child and Youth Care Centre

By Action Labourers for the Harvest

With the Crossroad Kids Shelter project, we reach out to children working and living on the stree...

100% Completed
R83,791 raised
R60,000 Target
177 - 187 / 187