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#Move4Food – Help SU students finish their race!

By Stellenbosch University - Alumni USA

Your fundraising support can help a hardworking student get to the finish line.

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2018 Community Impact Coach Initiative

By Coaches Across Continents

Support the next generation of Community Impact Coaches, as they support the communities surround...

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$3,392 raised
$100,000 Target

International Professional Development Initiative

By Coaches Across Continents

Support the Coaches Across Continents International Professional Development initiative.

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Donor Legacy

By Coaches Across Continents

Join us in our continued efforts to be a catalyst for positive change in the world through sport....

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MICR Expansion! Help Us Start 2 Brand New Teams!

By Memphis Inner City Rugby

Memphis Inner City Rugby is on a mission to expand our impact by adding a new Soulsville girls an...

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$10,000 Target

GWF Digital Learning Campuses

By LEAP Foundation

Digital learning campuses

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All Heart Fund

By LEAP Foundation

Inspired by the heart and spirit of Leanna Knopik, a young lady who touched many lives."I want to...

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Tailoring Class

By Hinds Feet Ministries

In October 2006 a nine-month tailoring class was started at the Heritage Center at Camp Johnson R...

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