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Endangered Species Emergency Response Fund

By Wildlife ACT Fund

Rapid action by wildlife veterinarians, pilots and conservation staff is so often crucial in savi...

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$1,069 raised
$10,000 Target

Help us grow our new flight-friendly sanctuary

By Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation

We need your help to ensure our Parrots ongoing nutrition, comfort and wellbeing in a secure, eco...

4.71631578947368% Completed
R8,961 raised
R190,000 Target

Support for Forensic Training for Wildlife Rangers in Africa

By Wildlife Poisoning Prevention & Conflict Resolution

Poachers in Africa use poison to kill wildlife & disguise their crimes. We train & equip rangers...

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$17 raised
$3,000 Target

Thula Thula Land Expansion project for Elephant Habitat

By South African Conservation Fund

HOW YOU CAN HELP RAISE $350 000 - Sponsor an acre of land: $50 - Buy a metre of electric fen...

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$2,996 raised
$50,000 Target

Join our 21 day journey and make a positive difference.

By Helping Animals Together HAT

850 km walking journey, starting in France and ending in Santiago, Spain. All funds raised for p...

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R1,500 raised
R21,000 Target

Zululand Vulture Tagging Project

By Wildlife ACT Fund

​Southern Africa’s vulture populations are in serious decline - literally teetering on the edge o...

14.98% Completed
$1,498 raised
$10,000 Target

Mass sterilization drive

By Grabouw Animal Welfare Society

We aim to sterilize 400 animals and need your help!

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Save thousands of defenceless dolphins

By Australia for Dolphins

Be part of groundbreaking legal action to end the bloody dolphin hunts in Japan for good.

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$50,000 Target

LEAPS - Helping the Paw


LEAPS is a registered animal rescue organization in the Western Cape.

R4,776 raised


By Round Table 239


R3,889 raised

Education for Owl Conservation Fund

By Township Owl Project

The Township Owl Project would like to do education programs in schools situated in South African...

R971 raised

Help us save the great apes

By World Ape Fund

​We urgently need your support to help us save and protect the great apes.

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Race4Rhino Annual Projects

By Race4Conservation Foundation

We raise funds and awareness for conservation through sporting events:

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R4,200 raised
R300,000 Target

Kitty Lottery

By Cats of Durban

A campaign to raise funds to sterilize stray and feral cats.

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R13,033 raised
R1,000,000 Target

Put Foot Rally 2015

By Husky Rescue Southern Africa

Warpthog Diaries is an official crew taking part in the 2015 Put Foot Rally and will be...

100% Completed
R30,183 raised
R15,000 Target

Shark Spotting

By Shark Spotters

Shark Spotters are positioned at strategic points along the Cape Peninsula, primarily a...

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R2,574 raised
R100,000 Target
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