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50/50/50 Penguin campaign

By BirdLife South Africa

Prior to the 50th Two Oceans Marathon, long-distance runner, Dave Chamberlain, will run 50 ultram...

90.222% Completed
R135,333 raised
R150,000 Target

General donations and fundraising

By The Bateleurs Flying for the Environment

The Bateleurs' volunteer pilots give the use of their privately-owned aircraft and their time for...

R100 raised

Big Tusker Project 2019

By Tsavo Trust

Tsavo Trust's Big Tusker Project provides extra protection for the last giants of the elephant wo...

$2,208 raised


By African Tails

One Man. One Cause. Willie's extreme adventure will take place September/October 2019. Ultra...

3.19875% Completed
R2,559 raised
R80,000 Target


By African Wildlife Vets

We need your help! Wildlife needs your help! Help us protect and save endangered species by provi...

R24,472 raised

Collaring Elephants in Gile National Reserve

By Blue Sky Society Trust

In May 2019 a crew of 14 people will join the team from Gile National Reserve, Wildlifevets and E...

10.114% Completed
R5,057 raised
R50,000 Target

1000 Life Changers

By Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch

What if no one came to their rescue?

3.1% Completed
R3,100 raised
R100,000 Target

General donations and fundraising 2019

By Nordic Rescue SA NPC

Thank you for supporting the work of Nordic Rescue SA!

R0 raised

General donations and fundraising 2019

By Saving the Survivors (UK)

Thank you for supporting the work of Saving the Survivors (UK)!

£0 raised

General donations and fundraising

By Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic

Please help us reach more animals in need. Donate or fundraise for our SAVE campaign today!

2.2% Completed
$220 raised
$10,000 Target

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019


Cycle for good & support the work of SA.MAST!

R0 raised


By Oscars Arc

Sponsor a shelter dog with a once off donation of R1000 or a monthly donation of R88.

41.906% Completed
R20,953 raised
R50,000 Target

Help us to Help them

By Pads Animal Welfare

PADS is a registered PBO/NPO staffed by unpaid volunteers caring for the health and welfare of an...

1% Completed
R200 raised
R100,000 Target

Eye of the Pangolin: film distribution campaign

By Pangolin.Africa

We've made a film to tell the world about the urgent need to protect pangolins. Help us screen it...

1.75% Completed
R2,100 raised
R120,000 Target

Humans for Cheetahs

By Cheetah Conservation Fund

Humans for Cheetahs is the grassroots initiative where you can participate in great activities an...

R3,608 raised

Vehicle operating costs and c

By Manenberg Pets Project

Help us to keep our vehicle going out day after day to help the people of Manenberg and surroundi...

1.8% Completed
R2,700 raised
R150,000 Target
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