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Have you got what it takes to help our Animals?

By Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town

Your project could help save an animal's life. Go out and do something to help the League's animals.

100% Completed
R74,422 raised
R50,000 Target

Satellite Tracking Collars & Equipment

By Wildlife ACT Fund

GPS tracking collars, transmitters & telemetry equipment allow us to efficiently monitor endanger...

14.145% Completed
$2,829 raised
$20,000 Target

Cat Village Winter Wishlist

By Cat Village SA

Winter is fast approaching and we need a few extra items to help us get through.

46% Completed
R4,600 raised
R10,000 Target

Vet Bill

By Lucky Lucy Foundation

Lucky Lucy Vet Bill

1% Completed
R300 raised
R40,000 Target


By Pro Life Pet Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption Agency

We are planning to build at least 2 X dog camps, a puppy quarantine area, and fencing the sanctua...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R150,000 Target

Mass Sterilisation

By African Tails

Help us save and improve the lives of countless animals by supporting our mass sterilization effo...

61.36% Completed
R30,680 raised
R50,000 Target

General Donations & Fundraising

By Wildlife ACT Fund

We are a team of experienced conservationists who stretch every cent to make sure it is utilized ...

61.46% Completed
$12,292 raised
$20,000 Target

Alyssa's Save The Rhinos

By SANParks Honorary Rangers

Support Alyssa, our 8 year old SANParks Rhino Champion, in her effort to "Save the Rhinos".

46.6525% Completed
R18,661 raised
R40,000 Target

Parys SPCA

By Parys SPCA

It doesn't matter what form the fund-raiser may be - a sponsored dinner at a local restaurant; a ...

1.1% Completed
R2,200 raised
R200,000 Target


By Cart Horse Protection Association

Feed horses for three months!

R24,564 raised

Sponsor a Stable

By Cart Horse Protection Association

We are looking for horse lovers to contribute R500 to sponsor a stable which will contribute dire...

21.2885% Completed
R42,577 raised
R200,000 Target

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0% Completed
R0 raised
R20,000 Target

Marine mammal research: Southern Ocean sentinels

By University of Pretoria

After humans, killer whales (Orcinus orca) are thought to be the most widely distributed mammals ...

3.232% Completed
$1,616 raised
$50,000 Target

We Need Help with our Vet Bills

By The Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children

Our vet bills are very high at the moment and we need URGENT assistance and sponsors to help us p...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R10,000 Target

Owl Rescue Centre - Plastic Drive

By Owl Rescue Centre

Our projects include Owl Rehabilitation, the Owl House Project, Awareness Campaigns & Education,...

1% Completed
R586 raised
R100,000 Target
145 - 160 / 187