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ARRO Legacy Project

By Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Organisation

Help ARRO to build more much needed self-sustainable community animal shelters in South Africa. B...

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R150,000 Target

Assistance needed please

By Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue S.A.

​To help as many animals as possible, we need to be able to pay off our overhead costs.

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R1,018 raised
R100,000 Target


By Elephants Alive

Elephants Alive team to run, swim, cycle and fly to help save runaway elephants!

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R1,000,000 Target

Help protect and conserve southern Africa's elephants!

By Elephants Alive

Elephants Alive’s mission is to ensure the survival of elephants and their habitats and to promot...

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R3,481 raised
R20,000 Target

Russel races to rescue black rhino orphans

By Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPO

Investec Private Banker Russel Bradford is racing to the rescue of black rhino orphans, Phoebe an...

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Madam Marie Critical Care Equine Unit

By Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Our Horse Care Unit admits some of the worst cases of equine abuse. We have a desperate need for...

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R200,000 Target

Saving Seha the rhino

By Saving the Survivors

Seha is a White rhino bull who was attacked by poachers a year and a half ago. He is healing rema...

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R120,000 Target

Help us fill our hay store!

By Thoroughbred Horses Rehoming Centre

THRC has the opportunity to purchase oathay at cost to store for winter!

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R25,000 Target

Rhino Revolution - help save South Africa's rhino

By Rhino Revolution

Rhino Revolution's mission it to protect the rhino in the Greater Kruger Area, South Africa.

R2,784 raised

Chained dogs phase 1

By Animal Care Team

We would like to get rid of all static chains in our area and have them replaced with running cha...

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R52,000 Target

Help us take care of our animals!

By !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre

In May the Western Cape was declared a drought disaster area. For us San, these animals are part ...

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R15,000 Target

Elna & Petra - Climbing for Collies

By Border Collie Rescue

Elna and Petra are climbing Mount Aconcagua in aid of Border Collie Resuce. Help them & BCR raise...

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R2,800 raised
R100,000 Target


By Highveld Horse Care Unit

We desperately need a block of 10 stables for our outreach horses coming in for treatment. Unfort...

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R350,000 Target


By FOUR PAWS Animal Welfare Foundation

Celebrate the start of a new year by helping us provide a needy dog with a permanent home in 2018.

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R36,000 Target

Team SPCA - Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon 2018

By Cape of Good Hope SPCA

DON'T make me FIGHT rather fight for ME

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