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Help me finish building classrooms for our school in Kimilili (Kenya)

By Nadine von Roth

Dear friends and family, I was recently selected to be a member of the Kimilili schooling initia...

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SFr2,297 raised
SFr2,500 Target

I am raising funds for School4Life (CBSM Kimilili)

By Katharina Finger

Dear Friends& Family! I need your help. I have the chance to go to Kimilili, Kenya this May to bu...

100% Completed
SFr2,287 raised
SFr2,000 Target

Dimension Data: Europe Region

By Europe Region

Help Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka change lives in Africa with bicycles.

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R1 Target
222 DAYS

Howie's Angels 2019 Put Foot Crew

By Howie's Angels 2019 Edition Put Foot Crew Betts Townsend

Howie's Angels will host fun and exciting fundraising events leading up to the 2019 Edition Put F...

58.4% Completed
R29,200 raised
R50,000 Target

Libbie Randolph - Coaches Across Continents Global Citizen

By Libbie Randolph

I will be traveling with Coaches Across Continents this summer to empower social change through n...

61.2857142857143% Completed
$2,145 raised
$3,500 Target

300km for Qhubeka!

By Rebecca Wright

Hi guys! On May 11th (scarily soon!) I’m riding in London Revolution raising money for Qhubeka UK...

91.1428571428572% Completed
£1,595 raised
£1,750 Target

Help me support children from Premier Junior School Primary School in Uganda

By Patricia Ramos Calderon

All of you who know me well know that travelling is one of my biggest passions in life. This time...

100% Completed
€1,795 raised
€1,000 Target

Volunteering in Kenya for CBSM Kimilili (School4Life)

By Aneta Gasiewska

 Dear All, Not long ago I shared with you the details about my participation in the Del...

84.9166666666667% Completed
SFr2,038 raised
SFr2,400 Target

LexisNexis Cycle Challenge 2019

By LexisNexis UK

Following the success of last year's ride from Leeds to Runnymede, the eighth annual LexisNexis C...

22.3571428571429% Completed
£1,565 raised
£7,000 Target

I am raising funds for School4Life (CBSM Kimilili)

By Amara Hakak

Hi friends, family and colleagues! Welcome to my page. This May, ten of us from Deloitte Switzerl...

91.3636363636364% Completed
SFr2,010 raised
SFr2,200 Target

Give a little, Help a lot on our CAPE EPIC Journey!

By Gerhard van Niekerk

We raising funds for I Love Boobies on our Journey to Epic. Mark and Myself are riding as Boer an...

100% Completed
R26,279 raised
R10,000 Target
221 DAYS

I am raising funds for The Uganda Foundation

By Henry Kahwaty

Hi! I need your help. I’m taking part in The Uganda Marathon 2019 to raise money for The Uganda F...

7.68% Completed
$1,920 raised
$25,000 Target
221 DAYS

I am raising funds for The Put Foot Foundation

By Waar Is Ons

Hi! I need your help. There are 8 of us heading to Africa to take part of the 2019 Put Foot Rally...

75.6% Completed
$1,890 raised
$2,500 Target

My African Conquest

By Julia Albu

An intrepid tour from Cape Town to London by an 80 year old Granny in her 20 year old Toyota Conq...

51.07% Completed
R25,535 raised
R50,000 Target


By Aaron Khulu

#KhuluTreks4Mandela aims to raise funds and awareness for the campaign, Caring4Girls, by summitin...

25.465% Completed
R25,465 raised
R100,000 Target

CHOC Cricket Team - Cowzat

By Dale Verster

Our social cricket side has decided to rebrand itself from the Nightwatchmen to the CHOC Cowzat t...

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R25,335 raised
R40,000 Target
221 DAYS
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