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Tom, Dick and Hairy are running their nuts off for testicular cancer awareness

By Franco-Albert Kinnear

Testicular cancer is most common in the age group 15 to 40. The average age of testicular cancer ...

19.2% Completed
R1,920 raised
R10,000 Target
253 DAYS

Running Niagara Falls Marathon for CHOC.

By Kerry Matthysen

Running Niagara Falls Marathon for CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation of SA)

19.1666666666667% Completed
R1,150 raised
R6,000 Target
100 DAYS

Saving lives while doing what I love! Running!

By Karl Weilbächer

Running marathons in #loveyournuts gear to show support for the cause.

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R1,895 raised
R10,000 Target
253 DAYS

LIV United Under 7's Boys Football Team

By Daniel Skaftouros

There are over 5 million orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa, with 12,000 added to t...

18.612% Completed
R4,653 raised
R25,000 Target

I am raising funds for The Put Foot Foundation

By Gary Leeuw

Hi! I need your help. I’m taking part in 2019 Put Foot Rally to raise money for The Put Foot Foun...

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R1,818 raised
R10,000 Target
100 DAYS

Running for those who can't #RunWithRachel

By Jolene van Wyk

This year, instead of just running the race. I decided to run for those who can't. We so often ta...

18% Completed
R450 raised
R2,500 Target

I am raising funds for Greenpop Foundation

By Gabriella Lovric

Hi! I need your help. I’m raising money for Greenpop Foundation, who do great work for a cause th...

17.7777777777778% Completed
R3,200 raised
R18,000 Target

Flying for Shoes

By Deon Wentzel

We will be participating in the 2019 Put Foot Rally, and we ask each and every aviation enthusias...

17.5% Completed
R1,750 raised
R10,000 Target

Scott Gibson 50th

By Scott Gibson

Raising bicycles for my 50th birthday.

17.454% Completed
R8,727 raised
R50,000 Target

Ronnie for Qhubeka

By Ronnie Schildknecht

After visiting the Qhubeka project last year I wanted to get involved in this great cause. Please...

17.28% Completed
€3,456 raised
€20,000 Target
100 DAYS

Simone and James Big 5 0hhh..!

By Simone Godfrey

We are committed to helping save our rhinos

17.1428571428571% Completed
€600 raised
€3,500 Target

Stop Rhino Poaching - KZN

By Gordon Manning

This project is aimed at raising awareness & helping to eliminate Rhino poaching and securing the...

17% Completed
£170 raised
£1,000 Target
162 DAYS

2002 Willows Manne

By 2002 Willows Manne

Keep the big fire burning. Donate now, and make sure Die Plek is still in sy moer for when your s...

16.6666666666667% Completed
R2,500 raised
R15,000 Target
1593 DAYS

Je lève des fonds pour The Put Foot Foundation

By Moien Africa 2

Bonjour ! J'ai besoin de votre aide. Je participe à 2019 Put Foot Rally pour lever des fonds pour...

16.6666666666667% Completed
€250 raised
€1,500 Target
100 DAYS

Going Nuts for the Next Generation

By Ed Beukes

Using sport and a speedo to educate and save lives.

16.4% Completed
R1,640 raised
R10,000 Target
253 DAYS

Team HAIBO on The Put Foot Rally 2019

By Nicole Brown

Friends and family... "Team HAIBO" is raising funds for "The Put Foot Foundation". We are takin...

16.2733333333333% Completed
R19,528 raised
R120,000 Target
209 - 224 / 379