12 activist projects

Road to Female Empowerment: Rosa Morales; Global Citizen

By Rosa Morales

Donating to contribute to the inclusion and overall equity of ethnic minorities and women in a wo...

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$1,037 raised
$6,600 Target

Global Citizen - Abigail

By Abigail Gibbons

Sport teaches one major lesson, teamwork. Together, thanks to your donation, we can improve lives...

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$1,050 raised
$6,600 Target

Marathon For Ethembeni

By Robert Cornell

In 2018, I will be running the Nashville Rock n’ Roll Marathon to raise funds for Ethembeni Schoo...

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$800 raised
$1,000 Target

Running with Angels

By Danielle Younker

As I prepare for my third half-marathon, I will be "running with Angels" and raising about one mo...

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$2,500 Target

Helping People Move With Their Own Power

By Nico Capala

Hi everyone, my name is Nico and in short I am trying to raise money in order to give those who d...

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Support Alfonso Alanis-Cue in promoting the right to play

By Alfonso Alanis-Cue

Support me on partnering with love.fútbol to promote the right to play in communities around the ...

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$870 raised
$10,000 Target

Support Alma Caballero in promoting the right to play

By Alma Caballero

Support me on partnering with love.fútbol to promote the right to play in communities around the ...

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India Calls:HJ, Global Citizen, Using Sport 4 Social Impact

By Heather Jackson

Do you want to see women's rights improved in developing countries? Do you believe in the power o...

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$6,600 Target
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Help me protect endangered Wild African Dogs in uMkhuze

By Deborah High

Meet Dakane ...this beautiful Wild African Painted Dog was killed by poachers while I was volunte...

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$10,000 Target
100 DAYS

Help Educate Africa

By William Julien

The purpose of this fundraiser is to bring education to remote communities in Africa.

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$25,000 Target
172 DAYS


By Leroy Andrews

cycle tours dedicated to raising money for the homeless

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R1,000,000 Target

We are Qhubeka!

By JB Lagnie

Like me, help Qhubeka and chip in for a better world!

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R7,000 Target
313 DAYS