34 activist projects

"The creation of a thousand forests, is in one sapling."

By Ané Müller

Emerson stated that it takes a small contribution to make a big impact. Help to enable this by su...

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R1,560 raised
R9,600 Target

Eden Festival of Action- Knysna

By Sarah Brady

I'm raising trees for fees to go to the Eden Festival of action (taking place in Knysna) in 2018

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R9,600 Target
127 DAYS

Help Make Knysna Green Again!

By Claire van Holthoon

Greenpop is an organisation that plants trees in deforested areas.

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R10 raised
R9,600 Target
127 DAYS

Donate trees to post-fire Knysna

By Tannah Rose

I am collecting donations for trees to be planted by Greenpop in Knysna next year in June after t...

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R1,000 raised
R9,500 Target
127 DAYS

No nuclear deal for my birthday, please!

By Monica Davies

Down with kind gifts that have an impact on the planet, and down with corrupt nuclear deals.

5.4% Completed
R81 raised
R1,500 Target

Sponsor A Tree, Make A Difference

By Chesney Sarah And Joshua

Sponsor R120 or more and watch as your contribution helps Knysna in the regeneration of its beaut...

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R0 raised
R28,800 Target
127 DAYS

Jess & Jono 947 cycle race

By Nicole Robinson

Support Jess in her first 947 Cycle raise as she rides for rhinos

100% Completed
R5,900 raised
R5,000 Target

Replanting the Garden Route

By Caitlin Hayton

To help rebuild the Garden Route's Eden District after the devastating fires this year, I'm raisi...

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R480 raised
R9,600 Target
127 DAYS

Judy Evans and friends want to 'create' more oxygen!

By Judy Evans

What keeps living things alive? Oxygen. We often forget how important trees are. The Greenpop Ede...

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R0 raised
R9,600 Target
127 DAYS

Let's plant a forest

By Jenna Hayton

I'm raising money for trees that will be planted in Knysna to help rebuild the area after the dev...

5.1% Completed
R510 raised
R10,000 Target
127 DAYS

give back to nature :)

By Sophie Wheeldon

this project is to give back to nature by helping GreenPop plant more trees. donate to save the e...

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R5,000 Target

Help save the world - Sponsor a tree

By Robyn Minnie

To raise funds to both buy trees to plant, and get to where they will be planted.

1.25% Completed
R120 raised
R9,600 Target
127 DAYS

Treemendous Tree planting

By Tendai Beverley

The project focuses on replacing trees that were burnt by veld fires in Eden South Africa.

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$0 raised
$960 Target
127 DAYS

Knysna Re-forestation Project

By Nina Shoulder

An appeal to raise funds so that we can buy and plant trees in Knysna

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R9,600 Target
127 DAYS

I dig trees

By Caterina Cannone

Pledge trees @ R120 each to be planted in Knysna, to regenerate the forests that were destroyed i...

20.8333333333333% Completed
R2,000 raised
R9,600 Target
127 DAYS

Trees for Fees 2018 - Mulalo Nemataheni

By Mulalo Grace Nemataheni

Sponsor a tree and help me reach my goal of 80 trees by 31st March 2018. Let's go tree planting!

2.29166666666667% Completed
R220 raised
R9,600 Target
127 DAYS
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