12 activist projects

Ceri's Rhino Fund

By ceri gemmell

"I am horrified that a species of animal so familiar to me already, at the age of 8, could become...

77.6% Completed
R776 raised
R1,000 Target

Help Children in the Wilderness 2017

By GrahamChrisJason

We'll ride over 250kms across the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Park all in a cause aimed at l...

35% Completed
R3,500 raised
R10,000 Target

Team Drop your Rods SAVE THE DUGONG - Put Foot Rally 2017

By Erica Floweday

Our aim is to raise R10000.00 for the "The Bazaruto Dugong Protection Project"

27.5% Completed
R2,750 raised
R10,000 Target

Climate change is real! Let's ACTUALLY ACT NOW!!!

By Jainam Jain

It is about time we stop arguing over climate change and take an action! Climate change is real a...

24.1333333333333% Completed
$362 raised
$1,500 Target

Children in the Wilderness with Bellingham Safaris

By Bellingham Safaris

Bellingham Safaris is partnering with Children in the Wilderness to host 24 kids for 3 nights on ...

23.6111111111111% Completed
$1,275 raised
$5,400 Target
155 DAYS

Let's Make the World Greener - Monica's Greenpop Fundraiser

By Monica Rayanne Bridges

Raising funds by asking you guys to sponsor a tree to create a better, healthier, greener world t...

14.5% Completed
R1,450 raised
R10,000 Target

Stop Rhino Poaching - KZN

By Gordon Manning

This project is aimed at raising awareness & helping to eliminate Rhino poaching and securing the...

12.5% Completed
£125 raised
£1,000 Target

1000 miles. Please don't frack any of them.

By Matthew Myburgh

Our country is being targeted for gas extraction through hydraulic fracking by foreign multinatio...

6% Completed
R300 raised
R5,000 Target

Dugong what we can

By Albert Cornelissen

Help the Dugongs as I build cool stuff.

3% Completed
£30 raised
£1,000 Target
581 DAYS

Tour de Tuli 2017

By Tim Stephen

Adventure. Bicycles. A great cause

2% Completed
$20 raised
$1,000 Target

Leafing on a jet plane

By Karen de bruyn

Now you can travel to explore all the beauty the world has to offer with a clear conscience. Offs...

1.6% Completed
R320 raised
R20,000 Target
216 DAYS

Live With Trees

By Willie Britz

The target and due date has been set. Let's see if we can raise enough money to better our planet...

1.425% Completed
R285 raised
R20,000 Target