12 fundraiser projects

Kili me softly with this hill

By Jannie Smith

Looking forward to ticking this wonderful race off my bucket list...

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$20 raised
$500 Target

JDMO in support of The Kilimanjaro Project

By Jessica Blundell

Join me in raising money to plant trees around Mt Kilimanjaro, and improve the environment in Tan...

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Fundraising a Trip to attend FIFA World Cup 2022 at Qatar

By Sergio Garcia

We just love to travel, enjoy the journey and spend time abroad more than at home. Travel isn't j...

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McKenzie Meehan - Coaches Across Continents

By McKenzie Meehan

I'm excited to share that I will be traveling to India with Coaches Across Continents to use the ...

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$3,881 raised
$7,500 Target

Charity cycle ride from London to Barcelona

By Kieron Joy

I will be riding from London to Barcelona in 10 days. This will cover nearly 1000 miles and inclu...

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$1,250 raised
$2,000 Target

Moritz' Global Citizenship

By Moritz Guertler

I deeply thank you for supporting my efforts and my conviction towards sports and its power for a...

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$5,000 Target

Rhino Protection - They matter!

By Yvonne Reed

Raising awareness of the slaughter of the African Rhino. This has to be stopped now! Supporting...

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$795 raised
$1,000 Target
377 DAYS

Support Abandoned Babies : One Donation is All it Takes!

By Candice Augustine

Door of Hope Needs YOUR help! Please Consider Donating in order to Help Save Abandoned Babies In ...

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$10 raised
$10,000 Target
178 DAYS

Jesse DiLuzio Coaches Across Continents Fundraising 2018

By Jesse DiLuzio

CAC is an award-winning nonprofit organization that has had a positive impact on thousands of und...

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$3,031 raised
$6,000 Target

Sophie's Bat Mitzvah Project

By Sophie Hershkowitz

My project will raise funds to help people earn bicycles that improve their access to school & wo...

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$762 raised
$1,800 Target

Help Educate Africa

By William Julien

The purpose of this fundraiser is to bring education to remote communities in Africa.

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$8,100 raised
$20,000 Target
148 DAYS

We are Qhubeka!

By JB Lagnie

Like me, help Qhubeka and chip in for a better world!

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R700 raised
R7,000 Target