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I am raising funds for the Kids of St Jude School at Uganda

By Veronica Ibarguengoitia

Hi! I need your help. I’m taking part in The Uganda Marathon 2019 to raise money for The Uganda F...

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$430 raised
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I am raising funds for African Rainforest Conservancy

By Rashid Abdallah

Hi! I need your help. I’m taking part in The Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon & the Tigo Half M...

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We are raising funds for D'ARU in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

By Team Miller Paneling

I had the opportunity to meet Baba Atseko Isaac, administrator of medicine in the dioceses D'ARU ...

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$510 raised
$60,000 Target

Kilimanjaro 1/2 marathon for a cause

By Victor M

Running Kilimanjaro half marathon for a cause! I’m raising money for African Rainforest Conserva...

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Libbie Randolph - Coaches Across Continents Global Citizen

By Libbie Randolph

I will be traveling with Coaches Across Continents this summer to empower social change through n...

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By Tammy Tommaseo

I am going on a two week expedition to collar wild elephants in Mozambique. I paid for the trip f...

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Running the Kili for good!

By Matt Olivier

Please support me as I support The Kilimanjaro Project...

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Wingate University Women's Soccer

By Sam Raper

Wingate Women's Soccer is excited to join the CAC Team Legacy project to sponsor a community, pro...

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Help Us Help Our Children, Save Our School

By Jason Smith

A Refuge of hope 230 students from Driftsands, Mfuleni, Khayelistsha, Rwanda, DRC Congo, Zimbabwe...

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The Kilimanjaro Project

By Joanne Egan

The aim is the prevention of deforestation and the impact of climate change by planting trees on ...

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Kili me softly with this hill

By Jannie Smith

Looking forward to ticking this wonderful race off my bucket list...

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JDMO in support of The Kilimanjaro Project

By Jessica Blundell

Join me in raising money to plant trees around Mt Kilimanjaro, and improve the environment in Tan...

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Fundraising a Trip to attend FIFA World Cup 2022 at Qatar

By Sergio Garcia

We just love to travel, enjoy the journey and spend time abroad more than at home. Travel isn't j...

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Support Abandoned Babies : One Donation is All it Takes!

By Candice Augustine

Door of Hope Needs YOUR help! Please Consider Donating in order to Help Save Abandoned Babies In ...

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