14 fundraiser projects

Michelle Babicz - Global Citizen

By Michelle Babicz

Help support Coaches Across Continents while I volunteer with them in the Philippines!

3.25% Completed
$65 raised
$2,000 Target
161 DAYS

A Global Citizen: Hazem Abu-Sitta , CAC Fundrasing

By Hazem Abu Sitta

We All Speak the Same Langauge, FOOTBALL.

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$0 raised
$2,000 Target

Moritz' Global Citizenship

By Moritz Guertler

I deeply thank you for supporting my efforts and my conviction towards sports and its power for a...

15.3% Completed
$1,071 raised
$7,000 Target
145 DAYS

Rhino Protection - They matter!

By Yvonne Reed

Raising awareness of the slaughter of the African Rhino. This has to be stopped now! Supporting...

100% Completed
$1,400 raised
$1,000 Target
526 DAYS

Houston Comrades for Ethembeni 2018

By Steve Maliszewski

Help us raise money for the wonderful children of Ethembeni.

41.975% Completed
$3,358 raised
$8,000 Target

Waves for Change Rhode Island Benefit

By Leah Peyton Mark

We're raising money for Waves for Change, an NGO that transforms disadvantaged children's lives t...

6.9% Completed
$690 raised
$10,000 Target

#WhatsYourLegacy? Help us build one

By Frederick Schwarzmaier

Helping people around the world choose their futures responsibly is a task that is close to my he...

6.25% Completed
$125 raised
$2,000 Target

Support Abandoned Babies : One Donation is All it Takes!

By Candice Augustine

Door of Hope Needs YOUR help! Please Consider Donating in order to Help Save Abandoned Babies In ...

1% Completed
$10 raised
$10,000 Target
327 DAYS

Jesse DiLuzio Coaches Across Continents Fundraising 2018

By Jesse DiLuzio

CAC is an award-winning nonprofit organization that has had a positive impact on thousands of und...

47.1833333333333% Completed
$2,831 raised
$6,000 Target

Sophie's Bat Mitzvah Project

By Sophie Hershkowitz

My project will raise funds to help people earn bicycles that improve their access to school & wo...

41.2222222222222% Completed
$742 raised
$1,800 Target
161 DAYS

#BicyclesChangeLives: Virginia

By Nathaniel Layman

We're raising money for this organization that mobilizes people with bicycles and to experience t...

0% Completed
$0 raised
$10,000 Target

Global Citizen: Jonathan (Johnny) Smith

By Johnny Smith

Volunteering as a Global Citizen for Coaches Across Continents, an organization that looks to cre...

58.3333333333333% Completed
$3,850 raised
$6,600 Target

Help Educate Africa

By William Julien

The purpose of this fundraiser is to bring education to remote communities in Africa.

6.88% Completed
$1,720 raised
$25,000 Target

We are Qhubeka!

By JB Lagnie

Like me, help Qhubeka and chip in for a better world!

10% Completed
R700 raised
R7,000 Target
161 DAYS