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The Trek4Education Namibia campaign, a transformative initiative spearheaded by Laimi Elago in collaboration with Saray Khumalo, is determined to construct the first SWP digital library in a Namibia. To support this noble cause, Laimi, Saray, and a group of twenty exceptional women from the USA and South Africa will embark on a life-changing journey – #trekking4Education on Kilimanjaro, commencing on August 3rd, 2023. This empowering trek will be led by women, for women!

The Trek4Education Namibia campaign focuses on the Kaupumhote Nghituwamhata Combined School, situated just four kilometers from the Namibia-Angola border, and was founded in 1937 as an Anglican Church school, transitioning into a government school in 1961. At present, Kaupumhote Nghituwamhata Combined School offers classes 1,200 learners primarily from previously disadvantaged communities. The school serves as a beacon of hope in the surrounding villages and beyond, where many fellow citizens face hardships. With a dedicated staff of 30 members the school perseveres to deliver quality education despite the challenges it encounters.

By establishing a digital library, the Trek4Education Namibia campaign aims to provide the students of Kaupumhote Nghituwamhata Combined School with access to a world of knowledge and opportunities. In a country with significant youth unemployment, this initiative can make a profound difference in the lives of these young learners.

Join us on this extraordinary journey!
Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
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