Sanlam Cape Town Marathon 2022
R 1,419,830*
Raised in South African rand
*Includes R 468,870 raised off platform.
Charities supported
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The 2022 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is the first year of assessment as an Abbott World Marathon Major candidate. Cape Town is proudly a global city, and presents this marathon to all the running and fundraising enthusiasts around the world.

Other than the 42.2km Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, there are four other races to choose from — 10km Peace Run, 5km Peace Run, 46km Marathon Trail Run and 22km Trail Run, so something for everyone.

So, when you have selected and entered your race, please choose to ‘Run for Something’.

There are many worthy charities and causes, and it is easy and fun to create your own personal fundraising project for a charity you wish to support. Let’s make the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon one of the biggest fundraising events in South Africa.

Got a fundraising question? Get in touch with GivenGain at

Good luck and have fun!
Cape Town, South Africa
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