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It is one of my life's great pleasures to be a part of an organisation on the forefront of creating lasting change for companion animals. The largest and most important event of the year is the TEARS Sleepathon. Not only am I excited to be a small part of planning this event but even more excited to join the Sleepathoners by fundraising for a cause that lives in my heart. Please support my snoozes. I'll be sleeping at the TEARS Kennels or Cattery on 12, 19 and 26 November.
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Snoozing for Violet
I'm incredibly proud to be even the smallest part of the work that TEARS Animal Rescue does by truly changing the lives of vulnerable animals that would not have had a chance without an intervention by the TEARS Mobile Clinic, the TEARS Veterinary Hospital or the TEARS shelter. This year, the Scheepers Family has been on a journey to become the home for Violet, the "goodest" dog that we've ever met. Violet came to TEARS with sheets of torn skin hanging off of her after having been chased by two other dogs into razor wire and being subsequently attacked. The positivity that Violet has radiated has touched everyone who has met her and it remains a mystery as to why she has not been adopted yet. Violet has touched our hearts and we hope that her story can touch yours too. We're fundraising not only for Violet's future but for the future of dogs and cats just like her who TEARS might not be able to reach right now because we are simply under-resourced. Your contribution to our fundraising goes directly to TEARS to be used to change the individual lives of animals who have been neglected, abused, abandoned, suffered injury or illness and homelessness. We ask that you give - anything that you are able! Every cent makes a difference. Help the Scheepers Family make a difference for TEARS. Learn more about Violet here: https://tears.org.za/dogs/?mgi_21=44324/violetRead her story here: https://www.facebook.com/TEARSAnimalRescue/posts/4036809993023059We are grateful for your support
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