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This year I am riding my 8th 94.7 on an ice cream bike in honour of my God Son Zach Guymer and The Zach Foundation.
2015 for The Cows and The Zach Foundation
Every year we ride 94.7 Cycle Challenge and raise money for CHOC through the The Cows and a cause even closer to our hearts - The Zach Foundation - which allocates funding through CHOC to paediatric cancer research . All donations are very welcome and even more appreciated!
R 300
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94.7 for The Cows and The Zach Foundation
This year I will be riding Amashova in October, and then the 94.7 in November on The Zach Foundation Ice Cream Bike again!!! The Cows and The Zach Fundation work with CHOC in raising funds for children undergoing treatment for cancer. Your donations, through The Zach Fundation, will specifically target pediatric cancer research and help with awareness, diagnosis and treatment.
R 4,900
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94.7 on an Ice Cream bike for Zach!
I will be riding my 8th 94.7 this year on an ice cream bike in honour of my God Son, Zach Guymer, who passed away from a rare brain tumour on 26 January 2012. The Zach Foundation was established in his honour and raises funds for Paediatric Cancer research, in partnership with CHOC. The Cows have adopted The Zach Foundation as one of their projects for 2012, so look out for the Pink Zach cow suits!
R 14,520
raised of the R 20,000 target
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Riding Amashova and 94.7 as a Cow for CHOC
I will be riding the Amashova and 94.7 cycle races in a cow suit, and my red tutu for the 3rd year in a row to raise money for Choc.
R 7,350
raised of the R 20,000 target
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