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Energy healing techniques took my health from very sick to healthy. This is my way of giving back.
Sponsor EFT In Africa And Help Create Work For The Needy
VISION -Donate Now Please, go to anyone you know and share the good news that they can help create five thousand jobs through us and in so doing help their quality of life improve by possibly even helping a family member become empowered through self employment and eventually jobs in other areas.The Energy Healers Organisation (registered as the Energy HealersAssociation, as an NPC – a tax-exempt non-profit) has since 2008been negotiating for our revolutionary modern techniques to be arecognized qualification by the South African government. You maywell ask “Why?”Just one example: One highly respected doctor, who cannot be named, wrotea scientific paper about how our EFT was helping his patients, and, instead of his organization hiring Energy Healing Practitioners to help their patients further, was threatened with losing his job, because it was not a government-recognizedqualification. To empower more people to be able to get jobs in hospitals and officially recognised world wide, you need to support our efforts. This way you will eventually benefit.Well, we already have the answer. We have developed the qualification, Natural EnergyHealing Practitioner (Qualification Number recognized world-wide as532906000). The Energy Healers Organization has accepted the role ofthe Assessment Quality Partner, which means that we have to assessthe quality of training, in order to protect the public from roguepractitioners, ensure the quality of care given is to the higheststandard (NVQ Level 5), and give learners the possibility of a real job,in a country where unemployment is somewhere between 25-45%.This is the Worlds Very First Officially-Approved Qualification for EFT Practitioner. It has an international number, which can help you use it to get your government or State to approve powerful modalities like EFT.SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) will have the finaldecision, due by April 2016. This decision hangs on one thing only: The Energy Healers Organisation must have enough money in its bank account. Our vision is to make this dream a reality.MISSION AND OBJECTIVES - To create 5000 new jobs in an industry which had previously been unrecognized, aiming to also help the poor and vulnerable.PLEASE DONATE NOW - Please donate what you or your organisation canEnergy Healers Organisation, 3rd Floor, Commerce House, 55 ShortmarketStreet, Cape Town, 8001, NPCRegistration Number – 2011/138175/08, PBORef 930047036www.Energy-Healers-Association.orgEnergy Healers Association NPORegistration Number – 102-842-NPO,
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Sponsor My Slimming - I Will Strip To My Bikini
As you may know, I am passionate about spreading the word about EFT and other energy healing modalitties in South Africa, especially to help those who do not know about EFT nor have the funds to get a practitioner. This year we have made enormous strides by getting to a place where the South African Government is moving ahead with our qualifications project. This is important to every energy worker in every country, especially with EFT, a relative unknown. It means that YOUR government, wherever you live and work, will be more likely to accept EFT and similar powerful energy healing modalities for mainstream use. It means if you are struggling for credibility as an EFT Practitioner, you no longer have to. It means that that person with a limited income and constant pain can get help cheaply and easily. It means we can truly spread healing the way all of us healers really want to do. As you may also know, I am on the last leg of my weight-loss journey. And to raise money, I stripped for you, down to my bikini, on the beach here in Sunny Cape Town, with Table Mountain in the background, showing you all the weight I have lost. An addict is not an island. An addict without their drug will beat their kid up, still legal in South Africa. An addict who is high will kill many people behind the wheel of their car, in a country where people rarely wear seatbelts and the poor are often transported in conditions worse than cattle, in the back of an open old truck locally known as a bakkie. When the sufferers of this accident survive, they are often too disabled to work, and they turn to crime as their only source of income. After being caught and given a criminal record, they cannot obtain honest work anywhere else and have no choice but to return to crime. This is urbban Cape Town, where our association is based. We help people off drugs and help them rebuild their lives after something bad has happened to them. Please help - or share with your friends who may be able to help. You can seee the present and the Before pictures more clearly by clicking on them. So you know it's real :-) I did this campaign challenege - now a UK size 12 finally, and will carry on a bit longer, because I am liking my new figure. But this is not what this is about. It is to prove that EFT works. It worked with my need to stuff my emotions down my mouth. Really, the most important thing I want to put across is that this is not about weight per se. It is about addiction. About heroin, cigarettes, alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, codependent relationships, and all the other addictions and compulsions that left unchecked, ruin families and make a young person old before their time... This is what our association cares so deeply about. In Cape Town, where my office is, a colleague and I help addicts recover for as little as 5 cents, that is one tenth of the USA 5 cents. We cannot carry on without funds. Rent has to be paid, a fund-raiser has to be employed, more people have to be trained. We are working towards health insurance paying for our work for those who are lucky to have it. All this costs money. Addiction is one of Cape Town's biggest problems, and EFT so very quickly helps. By giving the example of my weight loss, I was showing that EFT works for addictions. Please don't donate just because I got into my bikini, donate to save the families of alcoholics, to save the youngsters on Tik (methamphetamine). Thank you so much for your help Please give whatever you can. Thank you for the likes, shares, and contributions. Please keep them coming! Remember, that child who feels neglected because they were not picked up from school yet again by their alcoholic mother, or that child who is forced to beg in the street to get the money for food because their parents are crack addicts, our organisation is already helping them. With your contribution, we can reach out to many more. Please give whatever you can. Even $1 or $5 is a help. Thank you so much.
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Sponsor Me And Help Spread EFT Healing in Africa
In my picture you’ll see the medal I won for completing my first half-marathon in Cape Town last year. Not bad for a 50+ year old - but my health has not always been this good. For 15 years, I battled to stay alive from one day to the next. The thing that restored my health was energy healing - specifically EFT, Reiki, and kinesiology. I still use these techniques now having made my life’s work to give back, helping others achieve health, happiness, and freedom. And of course I still use energy healing for myself. During my half-marathon training sessions whenever I felt my lungs could not possibly take any more, I’d use EFT to keep me going. South Africa has more than its fair share of trauma and strife. The Energy Healers Association, a registered charity in South Africa, aims to reach out and give healing to the communities here that need help the most. People that live in poverty. Those who need assistance but don’t know where to turn. Sponsor me in my next challenge. Your money will be used to spread the word about what this amazing organization is doing in the poorer communities here. Help us to help others get better. My challenge is 30+ hardcore gym sessions from 14 Aug to 30 Sept. This is not one for the faint-hearted – and no doubt I’ll need EFT healing to get me through it – but it’s for a good cause. This will be made up of intense weight and cardio sessions. ‘Twenty Four’, ‘Katabox’ and ‘Powerpump’ to name a few. Sponsor me now before the project finishes, as it looks like I will be by far exceeding target. I exercise like crazy, you help the Energy Healers Association. That sounds like a good deal. I am writing this the day after I did 7 gym classes in one day! Come on, that deserves a small donation! :-) I will publish the results after the end of September 2012, when the challenge ends. Of course, I will make sure I complete the challenge - this is too important! Please sponsor me - anything you give is great! It all makes a difference. Tell your friends! :-) The Energy Healers Association is a charity registered in South Africa as follows: NPC Registration Number – 2011/138175/08 NPO Registration Number - 102-842-NPO Thank you so much - and remember - spread the word!
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