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We are a daddy-daughter team who LOVE animals! We want to make sure that every pet gets the love of a family.
We are raising money for TEARS Animal Rescue!
Hi! We really need your help. We're a daddy-daughter team who are passionate about animals and want to make a big difference to the lives of cats and dogs who are rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed by TEARS animal rescue on the Cape peninsula in Cape Town. So - we're taking part in the TEARS Sleepathon 2022 by spending a night in the cage of a rescued cat! Please support us with a donation - we would appreciate it so much. LoveAmy & Steve TEARS Sleepathon 2022
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We are raising funds for TEARS Animal Rescue!
Hi! We need your help. We're a daddy-daughter team taking part in TEARS Sleepathon 2021 to raise money for TEARS, who do great work for a cause that's very close to our heart. If you can, please donate to our fundraising project on GivenGain! Every cent we raise will go towards helping homeless cats and dogs. These little guys have so much love to give and we want to make sure that they find a family that can give them the love they deserve. We can't do this without you! There are lonely doggies and kitties and people just waiting to find each other - and we want to help TEARS get them together!So we are going to spend a night sleeping with a cat in a cattery at TEARS. And we'd love you to sponsor our night there. Whatever you can donate will be SO appreciated! And we'd love it if you would pass on the message so that more people can make a difference too. Thank you so much! Steve & Amy
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A Night Amongst the Paws
I'm a animal guy! My dog literally is my best friend (after my wife, I guess) and she goes everywhere she can with me. Jessi is a rescue dog and lives with such gratitude, joy and love that it astounds me. TEARS truly value the lives of the dogs and cats in their care and rely on our care to provide support, comfort and love to these little guys who do not have homes and have very often been abused or neglected. So spending the night with one of them is truly the least I can do. The funds are going towards all sorts of projects and ongoing care for the animals. Join me n saying thank you to these little pets for the love they continue to give, by giving a little love - and money! - of your own! Thank you so much! Steve (& Jessi, although she is not allowed at the Sleepathon as she already has a home)
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