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Let's help 10 South African Women get FREE breast cancer screenings
In September 2022, I'm going to be undertaking one of my most exciting ventures ever. Together with 5 of my closest mates, were planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, hoping to summit around the full moon on September 10th. Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 metres above sea level, the highest peak in Africa and one of the mountaineering world's Seven Summits.We expect the hike to be physically and emotionally incredibly challenging, but it's nothing in comparison with the trauma of being diagnosed with Cancer. As a Cancer Survivor, I know what that's like...But, before you can be diagnosed, you need the possibility of diagnosis. And the early the diagnosis, the greater the chances of recovery!And that's where ILoveBoobies ZA NPC comes in. They estimate that 10,000 women per year are diagnosed with breast cancer. With the right funding, education and awareness, that number should be 47,000. ILoveBoobies primary mission is to provide free breast examinations to South African who are unable to get screened due to financial, locational or social challenges.And, that's where you come in. You can either donate to ILoveBoobies via this GivenGain campaign or you can go to the ILoveBoobies online store and buy some of their cool sports clothing. I plan to wear some of their socks everyday on Kili. Keep me company by wearing something ILoveBoobies while supporting a very important cause that's close to my heart.Click on the links below for more info and to visit the store.ILoveBoobies ZA NPCAbout us – ILoveBoobies ZA NPCCollections – ILoveBoobies ZA NPCPlease support this cause. Make a donation via GivenGain or go to the store to buy yourself some kit. Every little bit helps!!I need your help. I'm raising money for ILoveBoobies ZA NPC, who do great work for a cause that's very close to my heart. If you can, please donate to my fundraising project on GivenGain!
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Cycling London to Paris for Qhubeka Charity
In late July, I get to fulfil two bucket list events... I'm cycling from London to Paris over three days, arriving in time to watch the final stage of the 2019 Tour de France.I'm raising money to support Qhubeka because Bicycles Change Lives The funds will be used to buy bicycles for schoolkids who walk for over an hour each way just to get to school and back. Please help me to raise R 10,000 which will buy three bikes that will change three lives forever.
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100 Indoor Miles for Bikes
Over half-a-million kids in South Africa walk for more than an hour a day to school.On Saturday 24 June, 2017, I will ride 100 Miles (160 km) on an indoor bike to raise money to buy 10 Qhubeka Bikesso kids can ride rather than walk.A Qhubeka bike will cut that time by three-quarters, improve attendance and school marks considerably.. Check out the amazing work that Qhubeka does here - me achieve my goal by donating as little as R 100 via GivenGain.Then join me as I ride in the virtual world of Zwift and help me fill my Sweat Bucket with cash.When: Saturday 24 June 2017Where: Cycle Lab Superstore, FourwaysTime: From 8.30 am - the plan is to complete the ride in under 7 hours, so I'll be there most of the day
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Spiro Happiness Fund
We eloped to Niew Bethesda in the Karoo and got married on the 4th of January 2015. We will be having dinner with family and friends to celebrate on 17 January. Rather than receive another toaster or braai tongs as gifts, we would prefer it if you would make a donation to Joburg Child Welfare. We have chosen their orphanage, Othandweni, to be the recipient of your donations and specifically will be supporting the Granny Programme. Please have a look at their site and join us in sharing some of our happiness and blessings with less fortunate children.
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