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Qhubeka Charity is a Non-Profit Company registered in South Africa and incorporated for public benefit.
Sophie's Bat Mitzvah Project
Bicycles change lives for school children, adults and disaster relief. 12 million of the country's 16 million school-going children walk to and from school and 500,000 of these walk more than two hours to school and two hours back. With a bicycle, a child's commute time is reduced by up to 75%.In Africa, a lack of access to transport means that people have to walk long distances to get to jobs, clinics, shops and opportunities. Bicycles make it easier for people to get to where they need to be, whether it's a work opportunity, or visiting family, a clinic, shops or community event.Natural disasters can leave villages, towns and cities in ruins. Bicycles can be a useful tool for first responders. Bicycles can be used to reach people who need emergency assistance, and to transport supplies, people and even pets as part of wider disaster relief efforts.Qhubeka was founded in 2005. They chose the name, which means "to progress", "to move forward", because bicycles help people to travel faster and further, and to carry more. A bicycle is a tool that helps people move forward. Qhubeka's supporters have helped to supply more than 75,000 bicycles through their programs. Through your donation, YOU can help people move forward!
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