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4 Durbanites hitting the African road in June for Put Foot Rally 2012 to raise money for Project Rhino, and to give shoes to schoolchildren in Africa!
Shake & Bake Put Foot for rhinos & underprivileged children!
The Put Foot Foundation The Put Foot Foundation is a Public Beneficiary Organisation (PBO) building on the vision started by the Bobs For Good Foundation of changing young lives, giving hope, pride and dignity through the gift of a pair of brand new school shoes for children throughout Africa. To walk a mile in someone else’s shoes is easy, but try it barefoot. In Africa, a pair of school shoes can often cost more than one week’s wages – and many children grow up having never owned a pair of shoes. Shoes help to prevent the spread of parasitic infections such as hookworm and threadworm. Walking barefoot also exposes schoolchildren to serious infection from contaminated soil – cuts and sores become infected, leading to ulcers, amputation, and sometimes even death. There are 140 000 orphans in Namibia that need shoes, and 150 000 in Botswana. Malawi is home to 950 000 orphans, and Zambia, 1,2 million. Zimbabwe? 1.4 million. Mozambique’s orphans number 1.5 million, and Swaziland and South Africa total 2.5 million each. Team Shake & Bake strongly believes that shoes are a basic human necessity, and invite you to support our fundraising efforts for this worthy cause. Project Rhino There has never been a more pressing time to raise awareness about the truly horrific crime of Rhino Poaching in Southern Africa. Project Rhino is a collection of 15 of South Africa’s leading conservation agencies, who have joined forces in the fight against rhino poaching. Starting in KwaZulu-Natal, where more than 54 rhinos have been killed since the start of 2012, Project Rhino co-ordinates rhino conservation and protection efforts. Team Shake & Bake fully supports this cause – none of us ever want to see the day when visitors to South Africa come to see The Big 4.
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