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The Zach Foundation joins the CHOC Cows this year for the 94.7 cycle challenge. ZTF raises funds for paediatric cancer research.
The COWS - 94.7 2016
Every year The Cows™ select a range of projects that give realmeaning to the phrase 'supporting children with cancer'. Ourdonation is aligned with the requirements of CHOC as dictated bytheir business strategy. This year The Cows have selected a rangeof worthy projects for your donations to be used in a meaningfulway. These include building and maintenance of houses for children undergoing treatment - support of these children during this time - and ongoing research into treatment. We will be taking to the streets in our cow suits to raise funds for this worthy cause and initiative.
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TZF & The Cows Ride Again
Riding 94.7 yet again to raise money for cancer research & The Cows...
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94.7 for the COWS and The Zach Foundation
The Zach Foundation, the first ever charity in South Africa which raises funds for Pediatric Cancer Research, have partnered with the CHOC Cows again for the 2013 94.7 stampede. We will be riding in out pink Cow suits again, and all funds raised will go towards helping children with Cancer. TZF was founded to support a little fella called Zach. Zach got really sick in the end of 2011, and lost his battle to a very aggressive form of Cancer, ATRT in early 2012. The charity has stayed on in Zach's name, and their goal is to raise awareness in, and funds for, the research and treatment of cancer in our children.
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